Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Video: Jeff Soto Black Keys poster process

Jeff Soto has really come on strong in the gigposter world the last 2 years.  He is an amazingly detailed painter whose work is always super colorful and vibrant but has been able to successfully transition his work into the much simpler, flatter medium of screenprinting.  He recently released a process video for his new Black Keys print (for Paris & Lille) which gives an nice look into how he goes from sketch to final.

"The inspiration was sculptural works I got to see in France, in particular those celebrating the French Revolution. I designed the poster loosely as a representation of Marie Antoinette’s head. I wanted it to be beautiful and sculptural, and maybe just a bit tragic."
"The lettering was inspired by the fonts used in the Paris Metro. I couldn’t believe them the first time I saw them. It reminded me of 60′s era hippy letters, but older looking."

The image above is a variant of the the final copy.  Prints go on sale Jan. 25th at PotatoStamp.

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